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June 30, 2014

me and wyeth
(photo by Alexis Putnam)

Hi. I just can’t seem to bring myself back to this place. I’ve always had an uncomfortable relationship with blogging, and not knowing why I was doing it has really bothered me. I need a reason and I want it to be meaningful. Right now this is just another thing to take care of, and I need less of that in my life so I can focus on the things that already have meaning to me. Maybe I’ll come back. Maybe not. I’ve found that I’m less enthralled with having an online presence, being glued to my phone or reading blogs and trolling Pinterest. I just want to live my life with real people and connect in person, over emails, in personal ways and actually make my own jam instead of jealously reading about someone else doing it. Ya know? I still love to read (a few) blogs and am hopelessly addicted to Instagram, tho I want to calm down about it. Just the internet has become a burden, moreso than ever. My time alone is precious and I feel happier puttering in my garden or reading or baking or making something than writing a blog post right now. I’m so excited about all of those things and I love talking about them, but it’s hard for me to drum up that excitement with a post, I’d rather have a conversation with a person (in real life, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon) about it than the empty internet (barring the comments some of you make, which are great!).

I’m going to leave this up for awhile but it might just disappear into the dark universe of the internet where nothing is really deleted.

So goodbye for now, friends and all. Thank you for reading and commenting and hanging out here.


thestorygirl /a\/t\ gmail

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May 4, 2014

The lilac has come and gone. It was a real beauty this year, so huge and then when the heavy rains came, the branches just fell over with the weight of the wet blossoms. Now all that’s left are a few purple commas in a big sea of green.

lilac 1

lilac 2

lilac 3

lilac 4

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a year

April 29, 2014

Twelve months with my little baby. Where did all that time go? How I love this little guy! Look how much he changed:

first day_edited-1

one month

two months smile_edited-1

three months_edited-1

four months_edited-1

5 months_edited-1

wyeth 6 months_edited-1

wyeth 7 months_edited-1

8 months_edited-1

9 months_edited-1

10 months_edited-1

11 months

one year_edited-1

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