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January 12, 2014

flower class - 2 - close up

Ok. I’ll keep it here for now… I did end up deleting my flickr account since I pretty much never use it. My older posts were linked to photos from flickr and are now sadly blank. Oh well! I’m looking for an easier blogger as I’m using wordpress and it’s so clunky, takes forever to do anything.

flower class - 2 - front_edited-1

I’m taking Floral Arranging right now and love it! It’s such a challenge and the videos and instruction are great. I highly recommend it if you want to learn more about floral arranging and how to handle flowers. As you know, I love flowers. A lot. I’m happy I get to go out and buy flowers every week for my homework. It’s the best. Wyeth helped me choose some flowers at the grocery. We went to four grocery stores! New Seasons (local chain) has the best selection, but pricey. I go there for the special additions.

I’ve been making a lot of things and moving a lot of furniture. I pretty much rearranged half the house twice in the past few months. Chris asked that we stop moving furniture. It’s fun to have a non crafty project. Especially since I’m trying to give my wrists a rest (I’ve had a lot of wrist pain / cortisone shot). But I’m still working on knitting and a twin size quilt that I’ve been hand quilting for like two years.

It’s been a huge challenge learning to time manage. I think about it all the time. What is more important? What do I want to spend my time on? Is it worth it? Especially during the day because Wyeth naps for about 45 minutes at a time. Not much time to get anything but chores finished, and too short a time to start a project. I’m learning to find creativity in unexpected places. Probably why I’ve been moving furniture!

flower class - 2 - other side

flower class - 2 - side

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Blog or not

January 6, 2014

Every year I decide to delete my blog.

I might just do it this year. I go through all these questions in my head about why am I blogging, what does it matter, is it meaningful, am I adding to internet clutter, do I want to spend my time doing this, etc. I guess I could just keep it up and blog like once in a blue moon, which is pretty much what I’m doing now.

So here are some pretty pictures for you while I decide.
flower class - 1 - closeup

wyeth in a towel crazy nut face



wyeth and daddy 2

wyeth 7 months



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Knits right now

September 9, 2013

sweater and hat on wyeth

I’ve been knitting a lot recently. It’s been so hot lately, too hot to sew in my studio even if I had enough time for that. Knitting has been the perfect go-to craft for me. I recently made this sweater and hat for a new baby friend, Soren. Wyeth was a good sport and modeled for me.

I’ve got so many projects in my head! But I’ll just tell you the ones I’m actually working on: a sweater inspired by the one in Hugo (google “Hugo movie sweater”) and a pair of booties. I’ve got yarn for more projects. Actually, I went to the yarn store three times in one week. WHAAAT? I’m kind of knitting feverish right now. It’s fun.

For more info on this project check out ravelry where I store that handy information.

soren hat

sweater close up

sweater and hat on wyeth on floor

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